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About five years ago, I got heavy into Real Estate Investing. I read every book I could find on the subject as well as listen to podcasts and watch videos online. I would come home from work and spend hours scouring the internet for deals to analyze. It wasn’t long before I had a few properties in my portfolio. I had found my passion in Real Estate. I knew then, that after my career in the Army was over, I would be a Realtor.
To me, a Realtor was not just someone that made money selling houses. A Realtor is a Real Estate Advisor. You trust your CPA to handle your taxes, your attorney to handle your legal needs, and financial planner to manage your stock portfolio. Why not add a Realtor to your Team?
As an investor that has analyzed thousands of properties across dozens of markets, I feel confident in my understanding of Real Estate as an investment. Everyone who is looking to buy, sell, or rent a house wants to know if they are wasting their time and money. Even if, you are not an investor, you probably think of your home as an investment. But are you confident you understand the market and are getting a good deal?
I have been advising my friends and family for years on how to manage their Real Estate. As your agent I owe you a fiduciary duty to represent your best interests, not mine. So first and foremost, I your advisor and counselor, and that is free. I only get paid when your house is Sold or your home is yours. Give me a call and let’s see if I am a good fit for you.


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