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     I am asked more times than I can count at this time of the year if a client should list their house during the holiday season or should they wait until after the first of the year.  I  tell the client to list, list, list.  There are mulitple reasons why now is a good time to list.  This is the time of year when people are thank for and in a giving spirit. People are more apt to offer full price on a home during the holidays.   Additionally, for many the house never looks better throughout the year than it does at Christmas time with the everything cleaned and decorated.  The appearance of a home that is decorated for the holidays stirs the nostalgic feelings of the potential buyer.  They begin so imagine their family celebrating holidays in the home. And lastly people who are shopping for a new home are serious buyers.  This is not a time when you get many lookers. These three reasons should be enough for you to pull out the holiday decorations and list your home. 

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