Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the United States and every year hundreds of America's finest soldiers PCS to and from Fort Bragg.  As a military spouse and real estate expert I know the headaches associated with a PCS move.  No matter how hard you plan and think everything is in order inevitably something gets in the way and causes a bump in the road.  

EXIT Realty Preferred just outside the gates of Fort Bragg wants to help eliminate the burden of buying or selling a home.  We are a full service real estate company part of the 5th largest franchise with offices all over the United States and Canada.  At EXIT Realty Preferred we want to ensure you have time to focus on the things that matter: getting accustomed to your new unit, acclimating the family to your new duty station.  Even though you may of moved 10 times it is still an emotional process that takes a toll on the family.  

We promise to listen to what is important to you and your family, to offer professional advice regarding improvements, price points, marketing tips and more when you list your home with EXIT Realty Preferred.  We will sit down and have an initial meeting and discuss what you need to get from the sale of the home to include price and time line.  From our meeting together we will develop a marketing plan to suit your needs.  EXIT Realty Preferred is here for you, you are not here for us.  We are so grateful for your commitment to our nation the least we can do is ensure that your home is marketed effectively and efficiently.

Give us a call today at 910 904-7355 and let us help you so you can focus on being all you can be!